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LDNeast is committed to giving you the best service possible, which is why we are in the process of upgrading our website and mobile applications in preparation for our exciting summer announcement. Unfortunately this means a short temporary pause to our regular service and should return bigger and better than before on Monday June 3rd 2013….

annabel cheesecake

Annabel’s New York Cheesecake

I have never actually made a cheesecake – yes I can almost here you all audibly gasp! – it is a strange one. I have no idea how I have never made one before as they are pretty straight forward, good dinner party ‘make ahead’ puddings but for some reason I have just always picked…

annabel fish cake

Simple Sunday Supper – Thai Fish cakes

I had a week off for a wonderful friends hen last week – there was no way I was going to be writing blog after such a fun and champagne packed weekend so sorry for missing it but occasionally it is quite fun to go back to ‘normal’ and not think about food, write, cook…

annabel hal food

Annabel’s Asian Birthday Banquet

The hubby wanted a dinner at home for his birthday this year and so I was very happy to oblige by cooking it for him and a few friends. We both love all Asian food and yes I know that is a massive sweeping statement but we really do! Sushi, curries, soups, dim sum, noodles, rice……

annabels omlette

Annabel’s Soufflé Omelette

I have had a very fun but slightly busy week and weeks like that make me want to just get home, get something made and eat in as little time as possible. Saying that, there is nothing nicer than finding a recipe which looks much more fancy than it is and also tastes much more…

annabel cloud cake

Annabel’s Light and Fluffly Cloud Cake

I had a week off my blog last week, we had a little London Easter holiday! The weekend consisted of a trip to the British museum, a couple of healthy runs, general wandering around London shops and galleries, cosying up on the sofa with some good films, having delicious meals out and generally taking some…

annabels biscuits

King of Dunkers – introducing the Chocolate Digestive

I wish the weather would improve – it is having an effect on my mental state and weekly on my blog.  All I want to do is drink tea and eat endless cake and biscuits hence the last few weeks all I have wanted to do is bake, bake, bake. I guess it is not…

annabel hot cross buns

Annabel’s Hot Cross Buns

Since I have been writing this blog one of the most frequently asked questions is how Hal isn’t the size of a house. It is true my long suffering husband has to try everything I make – some more successful than others! But in the most part, I think he has a pretty good run…

annabel biscotti

Annabel’s Brilliant Biscotti

Biscotti are SUCH delicious biscuits I just didn’t know how to make them so this week decided I should definitely learn. I am sorry to say that they ended up being embarrassingly simple and quick so not much of a challenge this week! Biscotti are probably the best dunking biscuits as they are incredibly hard…

annabels moroccan food

Annabel’s Moroccan Feast

Whilst we are ‘between houses’ and living with family there are a few things I have missed and a few I have not! I have seriously missed doing big suppers at home. There is something infinitely more relaxing about having people over than going out and I really do enjoy cooking for lots of people….